Our Team

Marie Mccartney
Our favorite corporate lawyer who started it all. You will never see her not wearing her best dress from law school, up until now. She eats corporate bylaws for breakfasts, and she oversees the website operation for dinner.

Elouise Erickson
Elouse is our lead writer for Sue Google. She is a senior partner in one of the law firms in Asia and long time friends with Marie. Elouise played a big role in helping Marie materialize this website, and is responsible for most of its published content.

Kamron Johnson
Kamron is our guy when it comes to client relations and sponsorship. He is also responsible for filtering the articles that our readers submit for a feature. Hence, he also takes care of the giveaways to those who are selected to be featured on our website.

External Contributors:

Ethel Howells
Myron Ahmad
Dhruv Monroe
Sandra Delarosa
Jaimee Peck