Who We Are

Being a lawyer is mostly associated with not having a life outside the courtroom, and that free time does not exist. Well, there is a truth in all of those, and we aim to change it.

We are a group of lawyers who happened to have worked our assess off since law school, so we get to take our time back now that we are grown-ups. Law school will take the sanity out of every law student, but we all made a pact that we won’t let that happen. Luckily, we all have the same thing in common – dressing up. As lawyers, we need to look presentable, and we need to dress well if we want to send a message in the courtroom and to our clients. It is one of the things that made us enjoy law school, and until now, we still look forward to each other’s fashion statement when we meet each other outside.

Regardless if you are a law student, a hotshot lawyer, or even if you are just someone who loves dressing up in the office or your everyday life, this site is for you. We feature articles that will help you with your pairings, color combination, and how to dress appropriately. It is also incredibly amazing that we partner with different brands and companies, so we feature product recommendations and reviews from time to time, just to keep things more interesting.