Who we are

Welcome to Sue Googe! We are a team of young lawyers and law students who are fond of writing and sharing about the life of an attorney or even about fashion trends. We always have a deep love for fashion for as long as we can remember.

Our founder can even recall hoarding her mom’s Vogue magazines back in the early 2000s, poring over every tiny detail and obsessing over the different trends and styles. When the founder was still in her pre-teen in elementary school, she would spend hours online, reading countless blogs and, eventually, launched her own “blog” with numerous Word documents saved on her family’s computer. As she progressed through college and into her twenties, she has further developed her own personal style aesthetic. We are so excited to be able to share our passion through Sue Googe!

Stay tuned for posts about our own personal fashion tips and trends, as well as our insights on the intricacies of life and style.