9 Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About Onesies

Today we will tell you what onesies pajamas are and what it is for. Only we will do it in an unusual form. The word “Onesies” is completely unfamiliar to many. If you heard it for the first time, you will probably guess its Asian origin. This is true, the birthplace of unusual clothes from Japan. So what is onesies? How to choose an unusual kit and where can I go? We will understand everything in order.

History reference

The word “Onesies” literally translates from Japanese as “life-size puppet.” By this term, as a rule, it is meant a one-piece jumpsuit, covering the legs and arms, and often also equipped with a hood. We often associate pajamas only with sleep and a warm blanket. Dressed in it, we can spend the whole weekend at home but once the designers from Japan made the decision that such a banal set could be made better. They immediately set to work, and as a result of this, merry onesies pajamas were born.

The prototypes for creating these unusual and funny clothes are various animals from fairy tales, cartoons and anime. Initially, the question of what is onesies could be answered quite unequivocally. It was about pajamas and clothes for the house. Today, funny colorful overalls climbed out of the cozy bedrooms and stepped into other areas of life.

Onesies sizes

Demand forms an offer any businessman understands this, from the clamshell owner on the station market to the head of a network of expensive boutiques. And the demand for Onesies is gradually increasing. Therefore, if only 5-6 years ago, similar clothes could be ordered from a foreign online store, today the domestic market is sufficiently saturated with this product.

When purchasing a thing sewn in Asia, especially marked with one size and there are such marks on many Onesies jumpsuits, be careful. Remember that the build of the average Japanese impressive dimensions is no different, and instead of spacious pants, you may well get fitted breeches. Try to give preference to models in which at least growth is indicated. In order to know more about the unicorn onesies, you may take the help of the internet. You can find the right size for every different type of animal themed onesies that are only available at https://kigurumi.co


Pay attention to what the onesies costume is made of. It can be velor or fleece. Often there are pajamas made of polyester and veloosoft. Quality is no less important than beauty, because your comfort depends on the right material. The fabric should be soft, breathable, and skin-friendly. Still, the majority of people on the question of what is onesies answers: “Pajamas”, which means that convenience should be in the first place. Be especially careful when choosing a onesies costume as a gift. Many people will be delighted with such a gift and not all fans of funny pajamas for 10 years.

Among the followers of Japanese anime there are many quite respectable adults. If you know that one of your friends is passionate about the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, Onesies Pikachu is a great gift. And children so simply delighted with such fun clothes.

Onesies and children

Many mothers see funny overalls as an excellent alternative to matinee clothes. Among the assortment you can easily find the bunnies, tigers and cute raccoons and any other characters that are familiar from childhood. Onesies children should be sewn from natural fabrics, because the matinee is not limited to, and your child probably wants to use his pajamas for their intended purpose. Sometimes it’s not just the fabric or the design but room temperature as well cause it can be so hot depending on the season. It is still best to wear these during winter.

Children’s costumes are sometimes equipped with additions in the form of tails, horns, and ears. Inside these attributes is synthetic filler that holds the shape perfectly and weighs very little. The tail will not interfere with the baby. He can even sit in a suit and lie on his back. Many onesies manufacturers offer not only the jumpsuits themselves, but also suitable accessories for them. These can be sneakers, sewn from the same fabric as the jumpsuit. Mittens with claws look no less impressive. Of course, sneakers perform at least some practical function, and gloves are needed only to maintain the image. On the matinee dragon dressed in overalls, and even with huge clawed paws, will look very impressive.


Bright, fun pajamas are made for both children and adults. However, in all overalls there is one common quality: if pajamas are sewn well, then it will be very comfortable. Female models onesies sew in the form of overalls free cut. Landing on the figure refers these pajamas to oversize clothing. As a rule, pajamas have a hood that resembles an animal’s attractive face, and the onesies fastens with a zipper sewn into the front part. Male versions differ in color and size, but in general they are tailored and sewn according to the same principles and have similar decor. This allows you to purchase costumes in the same strength for a loving couple or a large family look. Couples dressed up in the same Onesies Pikachu or unicorn costumes look very funny. Not less cute look mothers, dressed up in the same style with their young children.

You will find many unusual images among a variety of onesies suits: a raccoon, a flying squirrel, a hamster, a giraffe, an owl and other animals go and like everyone. There are more unexpected ideas like meringue pastry or cookies. You can choose what you like and is right for you.


Clothing manufacturers understand what Onesies is, so they don’t use glued parts and cardboard sealers for sewing. Thanks to simple, but accurate patterns and the need for additional stiffeners does not arise. Therefore, coveralls for rest and sleep, you can safely wash your hands or in a typewriter. If you are afraid that your favorite pajamas will wear out, put it in a special bag for washing before sending it to the machine. Use an air conditioner so that the remaining powder is well rinsed out of the fibers.

Onesies outside the house

Bright cozy pajamas are great for relaxing. But Onesies fans decided long ago that it was a sin to hide such beauty at home. As with children’s onesies, adult costumes can also be used for holidays. Fancy-dress party on the occasion of the New Year, Halloween or the birthday of a creative friend is an excellent occasion to walk a funny pajama into the light. An onesies plush dragon, a cat of an unusual color or a soft hamster will be the center of attention at any celebration.